Friday, December 9, 2011

What the Dickens

Last night as I was watching "A Christmas Carol" (this version was Disney), I couldn't help but marvel at the beautiful scenery that was on the screen. Sure it's animated, but so life-like and even magical in how it is portrayed on-screen. From the frosted antique windows to the warmly lit candles, beautiful greenery gracing doorways, carolers at every turn and just that old English Christmas vibe; it's a superb way to demonstrate a picturesque Christmas.

I also couldn't help but view that crochet-y old Scrooge's house as nothing but a large and cold place to hang your hat, even with the fire burning. Yet, Fezziwig's home (ie, Tiny Tim's pop) was a cozy sanctuary filled with homemade decorations, neutral walls, rustic woods (especially the dining table!), but most importantly it was pouring over with faith, hope and love. I do believe that is the key ingredient to any home, holidays or not!

So, with all that said, I stumbled upon these eye-catching shots. Inspiring, simple and seemingly plucked from a Dickens novel.

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