Thursday, December 29, 2011

"C" is for Chalkboard

I love the look of chalkboard in the most unexpected places. A pantry door, kitchen wall, flower pot, cabinets, furniture, hallways, storage containers, etc. So I took the liberty of jazzing up the home of my laundry powder and slapping writing a name on it.

This is the beginning of my laundry room transformation, so I am making some progress here. I decided since I broke out the chalkboard paint that I would also do another glass jar and salt container to boot. It's a good thing my daughter was napping or I might have labeled her as well! Seriously, it's very addicting.


Painter's Tape - I used Frog's Tape (green one). Not so sure I like this since the paint did bleed through it. I have heard several good reviews of this tape, so either my painting skills are appalling or the tape just stinks.

Chalkboard Paint - Purchased mine months ago and it's just been sitting in the garage. I had to do LOTS of shaking to get the solid parts integrated into the watery-liquid part (excuse my non-paint lingo... no idea of what the actual terminology for this is).

Foam Brush 


I did two coats overall and spaced them out about two hours. The first I found to be very thin and watery, but I believe this is because the paint was not mixed very well. By the time the second coat came on, it actually took on a solid black color.

This morning consisted of ripping the tape off and then having to scrape the "fuzzy"/paint-bled sides off with a metal butter knife (the equipment I have for this is just mind boggling). Once the edges were smoothed out, I was ready for the next step... which is to take your chalk and rub it on the painted area. Make sure you hold it sideways, this way it goes on less harsh.

You then take cloth and erase what you just did, this way it's somewhat broken in. Many things require a clean slate to get started, but this isn't one of them... the messier, the better. Now, write away!

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