Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Card - DIY

Here's a beautiful card that takes little time to make and has lots of impact. If you're itching to give that special someone a unique greeting or if you want to prop this up on a frame holder, the choice is yours; this is guaranteed to get lots of compliments for sure! 

For years, I've collected card stock paper because it's so pretty and sooo versatile. Seriously. You can use it as wrapping paper, frame inserts and numerous decoupage projects. For this particular project, I was able to use a bunch of pieces to make the tree.

I kid you not, this is simple, cheap and very easy.

DIY Card Materials:

Printed paper (I used a Christmas one I had on hand, but you can also use wrapping paper, pages from a magazine or even rip up an old book)

Index Card or thick paper to adhere the tree to

Glue Stick

Button (for tree topper)

Scalloped Scissors (optional)

Hershey's Kiss wrapper (as a 'treat' for when you're finished... and also moonlights as ornaments for the tree)

Consult pictures below -- they may be easier to follow than my directions! 

If you choose to 'scallop' the outside of your card, go ahead and do so. 

Next, create the bottom of the tree and cut your paper of choice (wrapping, printed or magazine/book paper). As you go up, your paper will gradually get smaller and smaller. 

Begin rolling each one and gluing them onto the index card. 
Note: As you continue, the paper will adhere to each other as well as to the card itself. I ended up doing sixteen 'tiers' and they adhered nicely. 

As for the stump, I simply folded a piece of brown paper and glued it on last. 

Final step was taking foil from a Hershey's Kiss and making it into ornaments by gluing them onto the tree. 

You are now finished! I was tempted to take sewing thread and bringing along the tree as garland, but figured I'd leave well enough alone. It really is a cute card and since you roll the paper onto it, the tree just jumps right out at you! Honestly, what better way to wish someone a Merry Christmas? 

Here's a tree that NEVER needs watering!

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