Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ladder to the sky

My dear husband bought me a spa gift certificate when I was preggers with our little gal, but I never had the opportunity to go until last week. It was heaven and even more so since I had the opportunity to browse Pottery Barn while my little bean was with my mother-in-law. If you're following this blog, chances are you also appreciate PB decor and may also find it too expensive to indulge!

The good thing is that there are many things you can replicate in your own space without the high price tag. One of those things I spotted and lurved - which I had been dreaming and scheming for the longest time - was a ladder hanging above a dining table. I know it sounds wonky, but it was beautifully set against greenery of Christmas garland and splashes of red ribbon strewn all over and hung over a rustic wooden table, equipped with a hammered wooden bench (another lurve!)

When I returned home to scope out some more ideas, I found some pics with not only a suspended ladder, but oversized wooden lanterns to boot. Oh boy, I'm seriously in trouble here. I've already prepped my husband for my future endeavor, but I first have to a.) salvage a wooden ladder b.) prep it so it is suitable to actually come into our home and c.) get a larger dining room so the scope can be appreciated! Yes, even I know my limitations... this is still on my wish list and I have not given up just yet.

However, for those of you with expansive living spaces (and, ahhhh, vaulted ceilings!) feel free to hang a ladder to the sky and embellish it as you wish. For those spaciously challenged (like me), there's always the option of having a smaller ladder to hang and still enjoying the ambiance. Who says looking towards the sky means being aloof?

Whether it's small or large, I think the key is finding something to repurpose and giving it new life. It's also sticking to what's rustic and making it cozy and most importantly, your very own.

Thanks Simple Subtleties for supplying more of the inspiration. Also to PB for making us think outside the box - or in this case, ladder! Seriously, hanging a ladder on its side??? Genius!

I've gathered inspiration for branches.... (see last photo)... stay tuned for that one.

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