Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Stockings Were Hung - DIY Project

Indeed they were! Whether you have a mantle to hang them from or not, it doesn't really matter. You can take a large branch from outside and hang them from there, place in front of a mirror or window and use it like you would a wreath and fill it with greenery. I've hung ours along a corner cabinet and brought in a branch (which I've wrapped in yarn!) to add more interest.

Stockings are one of those things that are truly personal. We used to have ones that my grandmother crocheted and each one had our name sewn into them. I tend to prefer neutral over loud colors, but I've seen so many that are quirky and fun that no matter the color, shape or size they're all pretty special.

For my DIY Stockings (see first photo).
I drew the shape of the stocking I wanted onto regular paper - I taped two pieces together so it would be long enough.
I then traced the template onto material very lightly using a marker; don't worry about the lines since you'll be sewing and using the other side of the material where you've drawn.
After that, I cut and sewed both pieces together with my freehand, but you could also use a sewing machine for more precision. It didn't take long to finish, but the sewing is the longest part of the process.
When everything was sewn into place, I then turned it inside out and sewed trimming along the top in a different material. Again, I stayed neutral using burlap and a couple other materials (don't remember the names), but they're as plain jane as they come.

My next stocking project is going to be using old sweaters I have laying around. Using what you have on hand is brilliant... I've even used towels from the dollar store to sew stockings here and there. Love it!


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