Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sconces Makeover

I've had these two sconces for the longest time, a Target purchase years ago. I have never actually used these as candle holders since I'm reluctant to hang anything flammable on my walls, so I went to the next best thing. Spindle holders, of course. 

The black color never sat well with my decor, so I decided to give them a slight makeover. I'm glad I waved my magic wand, or paintbrush, and wondered why I hadn't done it any sooner! The look is shabby chic and now instead of sticking out like blue thumbs they blend in nicely with everything else.

Check it...




Friday, June 1, 2012

Bleach and Colors

As many well know, I love anything white, neutral, nautical striped or anything vibrant that plays a supporting role to the aforementioned.  This is as natural to me as a button-down shirt, line dried sheets in the summer, fluffy pillows, and a 'come hither' couch that beckons to be sat upon. I also know I'm not the only one who gravitates towards these summer tones. 

With that said, my latest visit to Pottery Barn magnified these very little likings. I couldn't help but think that these rooms were an exact replica of the house in 'Something's Gotta Give'. You all know what I'm talking about... Diane Keaton's retreat on the beach that was perfectly styled and resembled more of a show room than a house! Seriously, my house is too busy being scribbled on with crayons (along with our white furniture) and cluttered by my daughter's toys. 

Well, we can all dream of plunkering down on one of these after a long day.