Sunday, December 18, 2011

Feast Your Eyes

At the end of every morsel of Christmas excitement lays a feast awaiting at the end of it. Whether it's a feast of gifts, a feast for the eyes, stomach or a celebratory feast where everyone you know comes together to enjoy the birth of our Lord. Christmas is about celebrating and there's nothing more joyous than that!

If you're hosting your own gathering, feel free to choose a color and run it throughout your table. You can also go the traditional red, silver and gold to warm your space up a bit and make it festive. Nothing says warmth like candles and a Christmas table is the perfect place to put them! String paper snowflakes overhead along with marshmallows (yes, you heard me correctly!) - it adds a whimsical flair and your guests will find it unexpected and fun! A definite conversation piece for sure.

For a clever DIY place setting, take a round ornament (every dollar store has these!) and cover it with black chalkboard spray paint (available at hardware and craft stores) and write the name of who will be sitting there or a little festive note! This is sure to be a hit and your guests can take it home and save it for their tree.

It doesn't matter if you're having an army of guests or just a few (if any)... the important thing is to make Christmas as special as you can by decking your table in a joyful landscape so you can enjoy your meal. Again, whether it's a catered feast, a microwavable dinner or a hot cocoa bar and fondue, make it memorable for yourself and others.

Be Jolly! 

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