Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last Minute Christmas Gift

Here's a super cool, super cheap and super last minute Christmas gift. I know I've overused this term, but it is SO easy to do! This does not involve baking, gluing, cutting or anything of the kind -- just a little time and your two hands.

I ran into my sister in law last week and was at a loss for what to get my cutie patootie nieces. She assured me they're getting all they want from Santa this year and to try my hands at a homemade tree... using none other than magazines. HELLO! I have tons of them stacked up in various places of my house (which I have to vow for the New Year to finally organize and clean up!)

What better way to give a child a little tree of their own, one that doesn't need water or decorating. I thought this was a perfect idea. I tried my hand at these this morning and it took little time and effort to put together. I LOVE the final product and I think my nieces will too.

Here's the super last minute innovative (if I do say so myself) gift.


Magazine - you can also use Reader's Digest size if you wish, I used 'Real Simple' and a standard one

A tree topper - optional ... I used two pieces of pipe cleaners and twirled them together and shaped them up into an abstract star

Follow the pics for instructions and enjoy putting this together!

Here's your magazine (I had already started folding, but I'll show you how to get here)

Fold the first page of the magazine down like this (don't do the cover yet)

Then fold it again in half (vertically, that is)

Fold up the bottom to make it even with the rest of the pages

Turn over and begin with the next page, keep doing this with all the pages

Once again, fold

Fold the same page again

And once more, fold the bottom up

Keep doing over and over; your last folds will be the back page and the cover of the magazine

Top with whatever topper you want

And the final product is festive and 'bright'

Merry Christmas to you...

.. and to all..

A good night! Enjoy!!

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