Saturday, December 3, 2011

Table Runner

I've got one word: felt. Seriously. For the last who knows how many weeks I've been itching to use up some of the bunches of felt I had stored up in my craft box. Actually, I've accumulated so many that they don't even fit in there anymore! 

When I put together my Christmas table theme, I randomly placed felt pieces along as a runner without actually sewing them together (go on, check it out from my previous entry). No seams! However, I envisioned a more streamlined runner and something different, so I wanted to string them together using red thread. It actually turned out pretty good. The grey goes wonderfully with the red and is so festive, it picks up on the red of candy canes and the lanterns I placed on there. 

At 25 cents a pop, I'd say this is a pretty good deal. I also sewed red thread around one piece of felt and used it at the center of my kitchen table. . . very quirky, very chic and very unique. Three out of three isn't so shabby! 

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