Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chalkboard Bliss

I've certainly been getting a lot of mileage out of our little can of chalkboard paint. I reach for it when I don't have any projects I can really sink my teeth into (mind you, I still have a bathroom that seriously beckons to be painted), it's my go-to project-in-a-can! 

Current wall (above)... you can also see our bathroom much in need of a paint job!

Last week I decided that our kitchen needed another chalkboard because one just isn't enough. I've spent way too much time on Pinterest and seeing far too much inspiration on chalkboard walls. Even though my husband thinks I'm nuts, I really enjoy how the finished product came out. 

New chalkboard

I even have chalkboard on my cups!

You see, I not only painted a wall, but gave new life to a space that I've constantly been revamping ever since we moved in. My plan is to extend our kitchen counters (or lack thereof) and place a butcher block beneath our new 'wall of fame'. As for painting itself, I opted out of precise lines (mainly because I was too lazy to tape it), but also because I was inspired from a picture I recently saw from Country Living mag. Lines were haphazard and it looked spectacular and random.  

As for the EAT sign, my husband nearly freaked when he saw it was hanging on by a few thumb tacks... I have been known to do crazy things like that. However, these are made out of cardboard, which are made to look like Anthropologie zinc letters. I will blog about that project soon.

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