Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pretzels... with a twist

My new craving is pretzels and I'm not even pregnant anymore! Seriously though, as the snow pours our way, I'm in the kitchen baking all day. With a newborn and toddler running around, I have not found ANY time for new designs or projects in my house SO I've decided to integrate recipes on my blog. As a mom, I wear many hats -- one which happens to be a chef hat. Documenting recipes for home AND tummy keeps my mind going and my lovely audience coming back for more. 

Here are the pretzels I made with a twist, literally. They were yummy and the best part of the pretzel! Seriously, this recipe is so easy to put together if you have a little time. Check it out under 'Snowy Day = Warm Pretzels' post. However, instead of making the dough into pretzels, you will instead roll them out and twist away into sticks.

Simple.... and sooooooo worth it! 

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