Friday, March 16, 2012

Letter Holder

On my thrift store shopping journey, I stumbled upon this vintage record holder and it had letter holder written all over it - - I had to pick it up! 

Since I enjoy repurposing items, this was perfect and thought it would look great on our hallway table. Seriously, something that actually serves a purpose? An automatic husband approval... 

Here's the before:

{Notice the gold}

Since "gold" doesn't jive with my decor, I went with white paint to spruce it up. I wrapped the handles in a beige-y yarn... but twine also would've done the job as well. 

Here are the afters: 


Love the look of the numbered metal for the 'records' - - didn't change this one bit! 

 Used acrylic craft paint in 'Wicker White' to create the look

 Then 'aged' it a bit by scraping the metal with the paint brush

Great for letter holding!

PS - What I didn't show was my attempt to spray paint this. The color was antique white, but it came out too yellow-y and lacked texture. SO, I went over it with the paint and it worked perfectly. 

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