Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Get Organized

Ever since our daughter began eating solid foods, I have been hoarding collecting those little glass jars. They come in all shapes and sizes, but are mainly on the small side - as many of you already know.

My husband has strongly encouraged me to drop them into our recycling bin and I eventually did just that, but I kept a few behind knowing I would come up with something to use these for. I'm glad I did!

A few weeks ago I decided to completely "gut" our bathroom cabinet and drawers. I did away with the adhesive shelf liners (I'm not a fan of these, but kept them when we moved in since they were in good shape). However, I was more than happy to rip these out, which was surprisingly therapeutic!

Rather than replace with another shelf liner and spend money unnecessarily, I decided to slap some wrapping paper on there. I had some left over and thought it would look nice in the space. It not only jazzed it up, but laid a clean slate so I could actually organize and keep it that way - - now if only I can keep my daughter from breaking in and roughing everything up! My husband doesn't have any excuse, though...

Back to those little jars... I broke out the mod podge and craft paper and started pasting away. Some jars I embellished with twine and cut the craft paper with scalloped scissors to give it that extra detail. I filled them with chaps sticks, safety pins, tweezers, tea lights and even a homemade exfoliator (corn meal!)

Instead of spending money on drawer and cabinet organizers, these former baby food jars do just fine! In fact, they're more attractive and a great use of what you might already own. Just explain to your spouse your grand ideas for these miniature vessels before tossing them...

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