Sunday, January 22, 2012

Feeling Blue

A few posts ago, I mentioned my current crush on the color red. Although it still exists, especially since its still winter and it pops with my neutral color scheme, I also have a place in my heart for blue. Whether Robin's Egg or a historical Blue/Grey, no shabby chic room is complete without these hues.

As many of you know, my kitchen is blue and this is the exception that I place on the color in my house. For whatever reason, it just doesn't work... I do believe lighting, or lack there of, plays a huge role in it. It isn't a stark or bright blue, it's not offensive in any way, nor is it disasterously drab, but it just doesn't fit. The color would work well in a bedroom or our windowless bathroom against a crisp, white beadboard, but our kitchen is definitely left singing the blues... that is, until I bring in Mr. Benjamin Moore in an Antique White - - "Moore" on this color in another post!

Since we're in the midst of winter, I can't help but think of polar-ice blue or even those white blues that seem to pop against a winter landscape or a ground freshly covered with snow. I do believe undertones to this season resonate with many hints of blue. Hey, even Jack Frost sported an icy-blue outfit!

Oh, and by the way, red and blue are best friends so be sure to pair these together. Martha Washington was onto something, but I believe red is best suited with colors outside of the royal and navy blue realm -- unless, of course, your style is 'Americana' all the way. If so, then show off your true colors. For the rest of us, stick with those paler shades and blue-greys.

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