Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Marshmallow Garland

Ever want to climb up a string of marshmallow garland and see what's at the top? Well, my daughter has done just that the last few days, but instead of climbing she's been chewing her way.. or at least trying.

My love affair began on Pinterest and it was instantaneous. Check it out: 

If its good enough for Anthro, its good enough for me!
I'd like to pull up a chair or two.
Love the lights with this.
Snow clouds!
Seriously, how freaking cute! I'm all about the whimsy on this side of the snowcaps and I decided these haaaaaaaad to go in our kitchen window. I wake up each morning with a hot cup of tea and I look out on these little fellas and I'm in a state of bliss. That is, until my kids wake up and my crazy day begins. 

I couldn't really find a DIY tutorial on this or maybe I didn't try hard enough. I decided to wing it and wave my wand twirl my thread. Here's what I came up with, as with everything I do, its cheap and easy. Wait, that didn't sound right.  

Things you'll need:

  • A bag of marshmallows (I dried out a few bags just in case)
  • Thread (used a light color that was on my sewing machine)
  • Patience - lots of it, especially if you have a three year old wanting in on the action. In this case, you'll notice your marshmallows slowly disappearing.
First things first. You MUST dry the marshmallows out a week beforehand to ensure they harden and dry out. Otherwise, you'll be forced to work with puffs that are mushy and sticky and not very thread-friendly. Trust me, take the week and dry them out. I laid them out on cookie sheets and placed them into our garage. They were safe from night critters and kids. 

One week later: I got out my thread and tied it around each marshmallow. Since I didn't want a precise layout, I decided to make some shorter with less marshmallows and others with longer pieces of string and more on them. 

I was going to opt for the route of inserting a toothpick or needle through the middle, but even after a week of drying out, they were still sticky in the middle and a nightmare to work with. This was MUCH easier! 

My sort of finished product.

Its always (fake) snowing when I look out of this window!

And yes, I'm sure I get strange looks from the neighbors.

This is a total work in progress, as are most projects these days. Its tough to finish things with my little entourage pulling at my legs, but this is good enough for now. Now all you need is to queue up "Marshmallow World"and the scene is set. It is indeed "a marshmallow world in winter, a time for play and a whipped cream day. I do wait for it the whole year 'round."

LOVE IT and I hope you do too!!!!! 

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