Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Banner DIY

Nothing says WELCOME quite like the look of a whimsical banner overhead. 

The (SIMPLE) finished product
I've seen these banners ALL over the place in Blogville. Not knowing how to create my own, I just winged it and used this blog as a guide: My son is sleeping, so that means its mommy's time to play. SO, I decided to be artsy this morning and create something I've wanted to do for so long... with my little helper of course. By the way, a great project for the little ones!

My theme was Christmas, since the holidays are upon us and its just absolutely the most wonderful time of the year. I whipped out my load of craft paper, which I'm totally obsessed with collecting. My hoarder skills in this area come in very handy when making something such as this. Cost of project? Zero!

My collection, unorganized and all over the place

Here's what you'll need:
  • Craft Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • String
  • Hole Puncher
..and if you have little children helping, some serious clean-up skills

To kick off our banner, I measured five inches along the top of the paper and drew a triangle. The length of this was about six inches, give or take. As you can see, this is not a perfect shape - - no worries though, its homemade and fabulous! I've seen tutorials that use a measuring pad (which I think is also used with sewing projects), but since I don't have that I used my kitchen floor as a guide for the straight lines. Even with that, the end product was a bit crooked charming.

For each triangle, I cut it a second time with the same paper/design, since I wanted the back of the banner to be the same as well. Once I did that, I pasted the backs on to the front. This also made it a bit thicker which was nice.

Looks like pizza!

Like seven colorful little soldiers all lined up

Once I figured out the color order, I cut my string and punched holes into the triangles. My string was long enough for the space I needed, in this case, along the ceiling in our entryway. I decided to go with SEVEN triangles to spell out 'Welcome', but did not get to that part today. I just wanted that banner up! 

As you see, I punched two holes on either side of each triangle. Easy peasy. No method to this, I just punched away. This part was fun and strangely therapeutic. I know, I'm a total craft geek! 

As for string, I cut two lengths and weaved them into the holes. It actually made it thicker to latch the paper onto which was beneficial for having them stay in place. The weaving went like this for each one: back, front, back front. Just repeat this for each cut-out.  

Now you're ready to hang it up. I liked doing this since it took no time at all and unlike many of my projects, didn't sit there for days (weeks/months...years) waiting to be touched again! 

A colorful and unique way to enter our home and my daughter LOVES it!!!!! Speaking of hanging, I could do just that all day in this space... but it is an entrance after all.  

You can always switch out the colors based on the seasons as well, like changing outfits to suit your mood. 

What do you think? 

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