Thursday, September 12, 2013


I love wreaths. They're super cute, easy to make and a reflection of your style. Walk into any craft or dollar store and you can gather up materials needed to put one together. Now that's easy-peasy!

The one our door is sporting was created from 'scraps' laying around the house. I literally stuffed that 'Z' right into the circle. Boom. Wreath created. I believe this is how our glorious God created our wonderful world; one wave of his hand and Bam-a-lam! World. This isn't quite as big, but hey, its the entrance to my little world, so why not?

Here's what I used - - it was created sporadically and today when I opened the door from fetching the mail, I decided the 'Z' that was residing on our shelf simply had to be placed into that lonely ol' wreath.

  • Letter - whatever one you like. Ours stands for 'zoo' because that is the zone you enter upon opening ;)-
  • Craft paper - I dressed 'Z' up in an orange design
  • Mod Podge
  • Branched out wreath - don't know the proper word for it - this is one I've had for years which I bought from the flower section of Michael's
  • Ribbon in a burlappy material - also from Michael's

So, its pretty basic. The real work comes from doing a mod podge on the letter with paper. However, that's very simple. Just trace the letter onto the paper, adding about half an inch leeway between what you traced and where you cut. Then, take the paper you cut, and glue it right onto the letter with your mod podge. That extra 'leeway' helps you wrap the excess paper around the letter, ensuring the edges are covered.

As for the wreath part, I had the bow tied around it for weeks and wedged the letter into it. Voila! I told you it was easy..

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