Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coffee-Filter Wreath

Coffee anyone?

There's the coral reef and then there's the coffee wreath. In the realm of our home, you will find the latter hanging from our walls. I fell in complete 'like' with this wreath when I first saw the tutorial and it's soooo easy to do! The only negative was my many burned fingers in attempting to glue the filters to the styrofoam piece. Is it just me or am I completely uncoordinated when using that thing? This wreath looks wonderful in white, so pristine and elegant, but the natural color looks great against a white door or a pair of shutters -- plus, I had an entire closet full of this shade. I was inspired by  The Nester and gave it a go on my end.

Since my favorite shop is Anthropologie, I can totally see this piece hanging from one of their many creative displays. I mean, seriously, I can live in that place!

Have fun with this, just watch your fingers!

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