Monday, July 22, 2013

Kitchen Makeover

The first key to ANY makeover is choosing color. It took me nearly two years to pick a paint color for our kitchen cabinets, and I'm totally underestimating. I kid you not, I spent many sleepless nights thinking about that. I know, I seriously need a life.

Clockwise (the large painted areas only): Gray Owl, Silver Spoon, Nimbus
Gray Owl, Silver Spoon, Nimbus -- all the way left is Moonshine
Here is Gray Owl at top, yet again, Gray Beard on bottom

You see, when I was preggers in the fall nothing seemed more cozy to me than having a kitchen the color of pie crust. Having went to Lowe's and picked out a random color, blindly, I ended up really not liking it the moment it debuted on our walls. Poor husband spent so much time painting it! The good thing is that he didn't like it either, so it bodes well for my agenda wanting a change this time around.

Left: Gray Owl
Middle: Nimbus
Right & Bottom: Moonshine

Not only were our walls an icky color, but they were super shiny -- no thanks to my choice on finish; I blame the hormones.

Left: Gray Owl
Right: Moonshine

Another Gray Owl

Now, with hormones and "nesting" having subsided, my intention is to give our space a light and airy feel. I'm loving the color of gray and think it will play nicely against white cabinets and our soon-to-come bead board wallpaper.

Gray Owl, top left
Trying to get every light to gauge these grays

Gray is tricky. There are undertones that come to life given certain light or come out simply because of other colors in the room. I never make anything easy, and our kitchen is no exception. Having obsessed mulled over colors, I've narrowed down my starting line-up.

Sample of Gray Owl
My brain was on overload with all these colors!

Here are the major players:

Gray Owl -- Benjamin Moore
Moonshine -- BM
Nimbus -- BM
Gray Beard -- Olympic
Silver Spoon -- Olympic

The verdict?

Gray Owl -- Looking nice, but I see an undertone of blue
Moonshine -- Another nice one, but reads too light with green undertones
Nimbus -- Way too 'rainy day' gray and depressing for the space
Gray Beard -- Too light with purple undertones
Silver Spoon -- Just too purple!

So, there you have it folks... I could go on and on, but I limited myself to only these colors. The winner is in here somewhere. I know it!

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