Wednesday, April 4, 2012


If a picture is worth a thousand words then a frame must be worth even more, or at least worth-y of the image it encapsulates.

Here is such a frame. I picked up a set of four at a thrift store a couple years ago and they have been sitting in our garage in desperate need of a makeover. I wasn't sure what I would do with them, but knew I had to pick them up simply because, well, they just don't make 'em quite like this anymore!

So here's a tutorial on how to transform a frame from drabbiness to shabbiness:

I love the intricate detail and how sturdy they are. I wanted to showcase every nook and cranny, so I was careful to be easy-handed with the paint. 

I wanted white (of course), but didn't want it to be too stark, so diluting it with another color and water helped tremendously. 

I took a paint brush and stroked away.. 

I used three parts Wicker White and one part Bleached Sand to create the final color, and thinned it out with a lot of water. 

I was left with this after one coat of paint and wanted to bring out the details.

So, I began scraping the lifted parts and scraping away at some of the paint. 

I used my daughter's spoon handle! 

Then a clothes pin to 'dirty' those spots up, until finally I used a scruff pad. No pics since my hands were super dirty at that point! Scruff pad really did the job..

Some of that original color came through, which made it really nice. 

Then my daughter joined in on helping me!

Last step was taking a black marker and just slightly going over those lifted parts for even more dimension and detail.

The end result actually is pretty great! Between the paint, scruffing, and marking, the frames look like they were born this way. End result: a set of patina frames that scream to be displayed. 

Stay tuned for what I actually do with them... 

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